Case Studies and Cases in Point

The Institute's case studies utilize the rich resources of local archival collections to provide an in-depth historical analysis of key individuals, pivotal events, and important public policies, whereas cases in point offer a snapshot in time of a particular event that had a direct impact on policy in the region. A full listing of the Institute's case studies and cases in point can be found below.


case study cover photo finding common groundMoe Coleman and Bruce Barron
Finding Common Ground: Morton Coleman: My Life as a Mediator in Neighborhoods, Communities, Government and Politics 
(University of Pittsburgh Institute of Politics, 2013)


case study cover photo a master legislator at workKathy McCauley, Moe Coleman, and Bruce Barron
A Master Legislator at Work: H. John Heinz III and the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging 
(University of Pittsburgh Institute of Politics, 2013)


case study cover photo never a spectatorKathy McCauley
Never a Spectator: The Political Life of Elsie Hillman 
(University of Pittsburgh Institute of Politics, 2012)


case study cover photo crossing the aisle to cleaner airKathy McCauley, Bruce Barron, and Moe Coleman
Crossing the Aisle to Cleaner Air: How the Bipartisan "Project 88" Transformed Environmental Policy 
(University of Pittsburgh Institute of Politics, 2008)


Case Studies

The Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident: A series by Louise Comfort and Carrie Miller