Prior Elected Officials Retreats

The Elected Officials Retreat, held annually and cosponsored by the Office of the Chancellor, provides special opportunities for both substantive discussion and personal interaction. The goal of the retreat is to encourage discussion regarding critical regional issues and open the lines of communication among elected officials from different levels of government and community leadership. The focus of each year's retreat differs widely from pressing national issues, like the implementation of the ACA, to critical regional problems, like the opioid epidemic and criminal justice reform. 

Below are links to more information on the Institute's prior Retreats:

 Year  Title  Link
2021 Building Regional Competitiveness and Economic Opportunities in Southwestern Pennsylvania Click Here
2019 Forging Our Future Together: Addressing Rural and Urban Needs to Build a Stronger Region Click Here
2018 Democracy in America: Responding to Challenges and Change in Government, Society, and Work Click Here
2017 The Future of the American Dream: The Changing Landscape of Work and Democracy Click Here
2016 Challenges to our Communities: Poverty, An Overpopulated Criminal Justice System, and the Heroin/Opioid Epidemic Click Here
2015 The Social and Political Ecnomy of Poverty and Mass Incarceration in America - Do Costs and Consequences Provide Cause for Change? Click Here
2014 Collaborative Leadership: The Power of Public, Private, and Nonprofit Partnerships Click Here
2013 Implementing the Affordable Care Act: What State and Local Policy Makers Need to Know Click Here