Education: Strengthening Relationships in Education


The Institute of Politics Education Policy Committee has recognized that legislators are very interested in what school administrators have to say about which educational policies are working and which are not working in their districts. However, they mention that, for a variety of reasons, school administrators are not always effective at communicating with legislators and other policymakers about what is best for their students. The Institute has been asked to consider developing programs that would build capacity among superintendents and other school leaders to serve as more effective advocates for the students in their districts.

On July 19, 2019, the Institute, along with partners Remake Learning and the Consortium for Public Education, brought together legislators and school administrators for an event that focused on providing attendees with an opportunity for discussion and shared learning about innovative education concepts. Attendees worked in groups to define the attributes and characteristics of tomorrow's graduates and then heard from a national speaker about education trends in other states, and how to bring innovative practices at the local level to scale.