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Reforming career and technical education in Pennsylvania

In 2011, the committee released the status report, "Governance and Funding Reform for Career and Technical Centers in Pennsylvania." (See below for a copy of the report.) This report outlined the governance and funding challenges inherent in Pennsylvania's system for career and technical education and offered seven recommendations for state-level change. Committee members and Institute staff had the opportunity to present these recommendations to a variety of different groups, including state and local elected officials and career and technical education professionals.

The committee continues to monitor efforts to reform Pennsylvania's system for career and technical education, and committee cochair Eli Evankovich provides regular updates on this issue.

The committee is currently working on an update to its 2011 report.

CareerLink study

In November, 2012, the committee decided to take an in-depth look at CareerLinks in southwestern Pennsylvania and examine best practices among the various offices. IOP staff embarked on a listening tour among the three workforce investment boards in southwesten PA and looked at operations in offices in all three areas. Staff also conducted benchmarking in Washington State. The initial report was presented to the committee in April 2013. Additional efforts were made in the summer of 2013 to determine what changes might be possible in the state Department of Labor and Industry that would have a positive impact on CareerLink operations at the local level.

Ready-to-work grant opportunity

In May 2014, the committee discussed an opportunity for funding from the federal government that would assist the long-term unemployed in finding permanent employment by pairing job training/retraining with soft skills and any needed human services, along with coaches/mentors that would help them move through the process. The committee charged Institute staff with investigating this model and putting together a potential proposal for action in the event that funding for such an activity became available again in the future.


Status report

Status Report: Governance and Funding Reform for Career and Technical Centers in Pennsylvania


The Workforce Development Policy Committee is cochaired by State Representative Eli Evankovich and Stefani Pashman, CEO, Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board.

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Our committees are carefully crafted to be balanced and represent a variety of stakeholders. However, we occassionally have spots availabe for members in certain sectors who may be underrepresented on the committee. Please contact Briana Mihok by email at or by phone at 412-624-1837 if you are interested in serving as a member.


The committee's next meeting is scheduled for Friday, March 4, 2016. Committee members can register below or contact 412-624-1837 for more details.

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