For Students

Engaging tomorrow’s leaders in the issues of today

The University of Pittsburgh Institute of Politics connects students across campuses with opportunities to engage in policy issues facing our region, regardless of political affiliation or major of study. Opportunities exist to engage at various levels, from internships to events, all targeted at educating on issues and the legislative process--from community engagement to legislation creation. Whether you are looking to become a more concerned and informed citizen, or exploring a career in the policy world, the IOP can provide the connections to drive professional, meaningful experiences for students.

All Angles

All Angles is an immersive experience that features expert speakers with perspectives across today’s political spectrum. Uniquely, it also accentuates and models the skills needed for shaping civil discourse – a sustaining force in a civil society. Students will develop a deeper understanding of contemporary public policy subject matter and learn how it is understood from the values and strategies that define a variety of perspectives.  Learn more...

Elsie Hillman Civic Forum

The Elsie Hillman Civic Forum (Elsie Forum) is an initiative developed within the Institute of Politics from a generous endowment from the Hillman Family Foundation, given in Elsie’s honor. The Elsie Forum offers six student programs, each with unique experiences but with one thing in common – dedication to bringing Elsie’s values and passion for civic engagement to the students of the University of Pittsburgh.  


Cherna Fellows Program

The Cherna Fellows program is an exclusive opportunity for students pursuing graduate degrees in the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Social Work.  Jointly administered by the University’s School of Social Work and the Institute of Politics, the Cherna Fellows will embark on experiential learning opportunities within Allegheny County. These experiences will address all of the core competencies in social work while placing a heavy emphasis on developing knowledge and practice in public policy analysis, development, and advocacy.   Learn more... 

Institute of Politics Internship and Seminar

In partnership with the Political Science Department and the College of General Studies, the Institute of Politics Internship and Seminar program offers a 4-credit, letter-graded experience that connects students with an office of an elected official. Learn more...