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The Institute of Politics, through regular publications, shares the analyses and insights from its programs and policy committees with elected federal, state, and county officials, as well as key municipal and community leaders throughout Western Pennsylvania. Our current dissemination list comprises over 3500 individuals from governmental, private, and non-profit sectors throughout the region. This number includes at least 15 federal, 300 state, and 400 local government officials.


Voluntary Municipal Disincorporation

Voluntary Municipal Disincorporation: Creative Solutions for Counties of the Second Class

For more information about this report and the process behind it, please visit the VMD page.

Criminal Justice report

Criminal Justice in the 21st Century: Improving Incarceration Policies and Practices in Allegheny County

For more information about the Institute's Criminal Justice Task Force, please visit the Task Force page.

A Continuum of Care Report

A Continuum of Care: Western Pennsylvania's Response to the Opioid Epidemic

For more information on the Institute's work on the opioid epidemic, please click here.

Regional Energy Survey

Regional Energy Survey - A product of the Institute's Environment Committee, the Regional Energy Survey examines the mix of energy sources within Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Key Challenges and Strategies for Local Governments - A product of the Fiscal Policy and Governance Committee, this report identifies strategies that local governments can use during times of financial hardships. Strategies are categorized by the level of usefulness and level of difficulty in their implementation. This report incorporates lessons learned through numerous interviews with experts in local government, two educational forums, and a survey of municipal officials.

Infrastructure Primer (Fall 2014) - In January of 2009, the Institute of Politics Infrastructure Policy Committee released an infrastructure primer with the goal of providing occasional updates as new information about sectors becomes available.

Pensions Subcommittee Report - In May of 2009, the Institute of Politics Pensions Subcommittee produced a report titled "What to Do About Municipal Pensions." The subcommittee was cochaired by Senator Jane Orie and Representative Dan Frankel, and this report represents the subcommittee's consensus recommendations.

Public Officials Emergency Resource Guide - The Public Officials Emergency Resource Guide is meant to promote leadership among public officials within the field of emergency management. Each community's safety depends on the response and reaction of its leaders, and so public officials should be prepared to handle any given emergency situation. This guide helps each community to strategize emergency responses in the most efficient and productive manner.

This handbook is not intended to supersede or serve as an Emergency Operations Plan; it is not an all-inclusive guide to emergency operations. Rather, it seeks to assist public officials in ensuring that effective emergency preparedness procedures are in place and utilized in responding effectively should an actual emergency occur.

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The Institute extends its impact and reach through the dissemination of program summaries in the Report.

Institute of Politics Report #56

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Institute Policy Briefs provide succinct analysis of key public policy challenges and provide potential solutions or recommendations for moving forward.

Poverty Beyond the Urban Core

"Poverty Beyond the Urban Core" by Aaron Lauer, Moe Coleman and Karlie Haywood

A product of a Subcommittee of the Institute's Health and Human Services Committee that was chaired by Representatives Dan Frankel and Dave Reed, this report outlines the new challenges posed in addressing the needs of the suburban and rural poor, especially the working poor.

Policy Brief Cover

Other Institute of Politics Policy Briefs
"Primary Care in Pennsylvania"
By Morton Coleman and Briana Mihok

"The Future of Medicaid Long-term Care Services in Pennsylvania: A Wake-up Call"
By Morton Coleman, Mike Light, and Ann Torregrossa


The Institute offers current information on selected policy topics in its Status Report publication.

Institute of Politics Status Report
“Green Infrastructure" by Maureen Washburn

March 2015

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This is the newest Institute of Politics publication, feature snapshots of various Commonwealth policy issues and pivotal events.

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Fact Sheet

"When you lock up also lock up dollars."

A fact sheet produced by the Human Services Policy Committee of the Institute of Politics

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The Forum is a special periodic publication that features edited transcripts of key participants engaged in focused discussion of regional issues. The Institute brings together public officials, business and foundation executives, civic leaders and university academics for this purpose. The objective is to ensure that both major political parties and diverse viewpoints are represented. The resulting discussion and analyses are published in Forum.

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In-depth analyses of selected topics are provided in the Institute's Issue Briefs.

Issue Brief

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Case Studies provide retrospective analysis of regional and national issues through interviews and documents from the important actors within the issues. These reports provide insight into the development and consequences of the issues they examine.


News Briefs are bi-monthly electronic news publications that provide recipients with timely news articles, policy studies, and links to innovative and informative public policy websites.

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