In the interests of transparency and free public access, all Institute publications are available and digitally archived on this page. This ensures easy access not only for policy makers and experts, but for instructors, students, and any members of the general public interested in examining Institute publications and findings. The institute encourages the use of these materials – particularly case studies and status reports – in classrooms and public forums with the hope that they inform and catalyze meaningful discussions about regional developments, past and present.

To request a presentation to your class or group in relation to any of these publications, please contact the Institute of Politics at 412-624-1837.

Case Studies

Institute case studies capitalize on the rich resources of local archival collections to provide an in-depth historical analysis of federal, state, and local public policies, relating them to contemporary policy issues. Case studies are intended to be accessible for a public reading audience and suitable for classroom use at the upper-secondary level and beyond.

Past case studies have focused on the political work of Elsie Hillman, Morton Coleman, and H. John Heinz III. Topical case studies have addressed issues including the Three Mile Island nuclear accident, the development of “Project 88” and its impact on clean air policy, and the logistical challenges of integrating human services across counties in western Pennsylvania.

Annual Reports

The Institute’s annual report offers a comprehensive review of the activities of the Institute, with full coverage of seminars and briefings as well as a director’s note and committee cochair report.


The semiannual IOP Newsletter provides a frequent opportunity to learn about our current and emerging work.

IOP @ 30

In celebration of its 30th anniversary, the Institute released a retrospective report offering highlights of contributions to the region's policymaking over the last three decades. You can view the report here, or request a hard copy by calling 412-624-1837.