Special Committee: Criminal Justice Reform Progress Panel

Committee Overview

In response to the Criminal Justice Task Force’s recommendation, in 2017, the County Executive appointed and charged the progress panel to act under the auspices of the Institute of Politics. Progress panel members are listed below. Eight of its nine members were drawn from the membership of the task force, and the co-chairs of that task force, Mark Nordenberg and Frederick Thieman, agreed to co-chair the progress panel.

The group has been meeting on a quarterly basis to review progress in implementing the task force’s recommendations and advancing its guiding principles, providing a new measure of accountability and a new source of information. The panel, in conjunction with the Allegheny County Criminal Justice Coordinator, publishes relevant information about the system to encourage the ongoing development of creative and innovative mechanisms to improve fairness and effectiveness.


The Progress Panel is co-chaired by:

  • Mark Nordenberg, Chair, Insitute of Politics and Chancellor Emeritus, University of Pittsburgh
  • Fred Thieman, Henry Buhl Jr. Chair for Civic Leadership, The Buhl Foundation

Click here for a complete list of committee members.


    The following publications issued by the Institute are related to the focus areas of the Progress Panel: