Policy Committees

The role of each policy committee is to assess public policy needs within their domain and to recommend targets for programming that will measurably affect the development of public policy. The committee co-chairs and members are expected to assume leadership roles in the development, implementation, evaluation, and follow-through of Institute programming in their areas.

The Institute's eight policy committees are comprised of stakeholders from the 10-county region and beyond who bring a wide range of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Economic Development

The Economic Development Committee is devoted to examining public issues that impact economic growth and development in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

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The Education Committee examines issues pertaining to K-12 education to provide Southwestern Pennsylvanian students with the best opportunities to learn in and outside of the classroom, and succeed in the workforce of the future. 

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The Environment Committee focuses on issues related to current and potential impacts to our region’s air, water, and soil.

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Fiscal Policy and Governance

The Fiscal Policy and Governance Committee looks at policy solutions for issues affecting the administration and delivery of services to Southwestern Pennsylvania residents.

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Health and Human Services

The Health and Human Services Committee examines policy issues and solutions related to public health, healthcare, and human service delivery.

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The Infrastructure Committee investigates issues related to our region’s physical systems that serve the public by facilitating transportation, communication, and essential daily processes, such as stormwater and sewers.

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Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

The Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Committee examines issues related to emergency first responders and the preparation by governments and organizations for potential manmade and environmental emergencies.

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Workforce Development

The Workforce Development Committee works to identify key issues in our region’s employment pipeline and enhance educational and training opportunities for students and workers to be prepared for current and future high-demand employment. 

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Special Committee: Criminal Justice Reform Progress Panel

The Criminal Justice Progress Panel publishes relevant information about the Allegheny County criminal justice system to encourage the ongoing development of creative and innovative mechanisms to improve fairness and effectiveness.

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