Infrastructure Committee

Committee Overview

The Infrastructure Committee investigates issues related to our region’s physical systems that serve the public by facilitating transportation, communication, and essential daily processes, such as stormwater and sewers. The scope of the committee’s work includes green infrastructure, an infrastructure needs assessment, and transportation innovation.

Summary of Current Initiatives

Ongoing and/or Completed Projects

Future of Regional Transportation Infrastructure

On April 22, 2016, the Institute of Politics’ Infrastructure Policy Committee hosted an educational forum that featured local and national experts who examined current trends in transportation, long range planning in Southwestern Pennsylvania, national innovative transportation solutions, and future policy options. Presentations also focused on the pressure local governments face in developing, prioritizing, and financing much-needed transportation projects.

Approximately 165 elected officials, engineers, academics, and community leaders attended and participated in this event and its discussions. Ideas and recommendations formulated at the forum were compiled and disseminated to attendees and submitted to the Regional Transportation Alliance for further examination.

Green Infrastructure

The report examines green infrastructure methods currently being deployed in Southwestern Pennsylvania. More specifically, it defines and explains green infrastructure, explores the benefits and challenges of its use, and offers several recommendations for potential future green infrastructure projects in our region.


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The Infrastructure Committee is carefully crafted to be balanced and represent a variety of stakeholders. However, we occasionally have spots available for members in certain sectors who may be underrepresented on the committee. Please contact Briana Mihok at 412-624-7792 or if you have an interest in serving as a member.


The following publications issued by the Institute are related to the focus areas of the Infrastructure Committee: