Jack Ryan Ruotolo

  • Elsie Hillman Civic Engagement Intern

Jack Ryan Ruotolo is an undergraduate junior at the University of Pittsburgh and is enrolled in the Dietrich School of Arts and Science and the Frederick Honors College. He is currently pursuing a degree in Politics and Philosophy, with minors in Economics and History. Aside from academics, Jack is also the President of the Pittsburgh Chapter of BridgeUSA, which has garnered widespread engagement and was awarded BridgeUSA Chapter of the Year in 2022.

As the Elsie Hillman Civic Engagement Intern at the Institute of Politics, Jack will continue his personal passion of combatting the scourge of affective polarization wherever it exists society. By engaging with the local community to learn from their perspectives and the issues they face, Jack and the rest of the IOP will be able to identify constructive solutions through engagement and dialogue.

Jack is delighted and humbled to join the Institute of Politics and work toward its mission, while also further developing his own professional skills to be utilized after the completion of his undergraduate degree, where he then plans to attend law school.