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Understanding the Potential of Land Banks in Pennsylvania

In June 2013, the Fiscal Policy and Governance Committee hosted a forum designed to educate attendees on recently passed legislation authorizing the creation of land banks across the state. The forum provided an overview of the Pennsylvania legislation, as well as offered examples of several land bank models that currently exist in various parts of the nation. The forum also was acknowledged as a starting point for community dialogue. The committee, along with Institute staff, will continue to monitor ongoing activity surrounding the topic of land banks.

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The Future of Our Libraries

In November 2013, the Fiscal Policy and Governance Committee partnered with the Allegheny County Library Association (ACLA) and the Carnegie Libraries of Pittsburgh (CLP) to provide a symposium on the future of libraries with a focus on how libraries keep pace with technological changes and providing services and programs for the future, while also tending the needs and demands of more traditional patrons.  The program addressed these issues as related to new fiscal realities of dwindling resources and examining innovative collaborative administrative, functional and structural strategies to issues consumer and library needs in the 21st Century.  Two hundred library affiliates and local government officials attended the forum.  The ACLA and CLP are currently in the next phase of their work, which involves a public engagement campaign as well as the establishment of a Blue Ribbon Commission, created to flesh out policy and programmatic strategies to enhance libraries as critical learning and social centers in our communities.

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Key Challenges and Strategies for Local Governments

Pensions Subcommittee Report


The Fiscal Policy and Governance Committee is cochaired by the Honorable Rich Fitzgerald and Fred Thieman, president, Buhl Foundation.

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