All Angles - Gain Strength from Our Differences

September 22, 2022 - 4:00pm

All of us are very passionate about critical issues that impact those who we love and our communities. As we prepare for the upcoming election season and the campaigns that are designed to divide us, create acrimony, and further deepen political polarization, we need to take stock of how we get through this with self-care and respect for our fellow citizens. Please join us for a discussion with Arthur Brooks who will discuss his book, Love Your Enemies and his most recent work called Live a Better Happier Life.

Students, faculty, and staff from all University of Pittsburgh campuses are invited to the next installment in the IOP's All Angles series, an immersive experience that features expert speakers with perspectives across today’s political spectrum. The program offers students an out-of-classroom opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of contemporary public policy subject matter and learn how it is understood from the values and strategies that define a variety of perspectives along today’s political spectrum.


Attendees from regional campuses can use this link to make their bus reservations after registering for the program.

Dr. Arthur C. Brooks
Harvard Professor; Bestselling Author; and The Atlantic Columnist

Dr. Brooks in Action

To support the spirit of the All Angles series, the IOP will provide free copies of Dr. Brooks book, Love Your Enemies, to the first 150 students to register and attend. In his book, Brooks states, “America is afflicted with a 'culture of contempt.' It is increasingly common for people to view those who disagree with them as worthless, instead of just misguided or incorrect. This is fomented by an 'outrage industrial complex' in media and politics.”

Through ancient wisdom and cutting-edge behavioral science, Brooks will provide a roadmap to the prosperity that comes when we choose to love one another – gaining strength from our differences. In addition to the free copy of the book, students will be provided dinner and have time for questions with Dr. Brooks followed by discussion with and among their peers.

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Location and Address

Alumni Hall - J.W. Connolly Ballroom
4227 Fifth Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15260