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Issue Spotlight: Southwestern Pennsylvania Infrastructure Primer

In January 2009, the Institute of Politics Infrastructure Committee released an infrastructure primer with the goal of providing occasional updates as new information about sectors becomes available.
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The Institute of Politics, through regular publications, shares the analyses and insights from its programs with elected federal, state, and county officials, as well as key municipal and community leaders throught western Pennsylvania. Our current dissemination list comprises over 4000 individuals from governmental, private, and non-profit sectors throughout the region. This number includes school district leaders, charter school administrators and education-focused non-profit organization leaders, individuals affiliated with human service agencies and organizations, and federal, state, and local government officials. Below are archived issues of the Institute's publications.


The Institute extends its impact and reach through the dissemination of program summaries in the Report, published three times per year.

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In depth analysis of selected topics are provided in the Institute's Issues Brief.




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The Institute offers current information on selected policy topics in its Status Report publication.


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The Forum is a special periodic publication that features edited transcripts of key participants engaged in focused discussion of regional issues. The Institute brings together public officials, business and foundation executives, civic leaders and university academics for this purpose. The objective is to ensure that both major political parties and diverse viewpoints are represented. The resulting discussion and analyses are published in Forum.



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