All Angles

Divergent views. Convergent progress.

All Angles provides an opportunity to hear views from all sides and demonstrates how civil discourse and an understanding of views different from your own can lead to common, societal opportunity. The All Angles program features six sessions throughout the academic year with each session hosting three speakers from across the political spectrum. The topic of each session will be determined by surveying the student population on which issues in the world are most important to them. The IOP will then identify speakers across the political spectrum to present and help to demonstrate how civil discourse can lead to sound perspectives. The role of the moderator(s), touchpoints during the presentation, and reflection on the process of discussion are all key elements of this program. This ensures the program offers multiple learning opportunities and students are left to make their own intellectual conclusions on the subject matter from a variety of considerations. 

What to Expect

  • develop fresh perspectives on today’s critical societal issues by hearing presentations that challenge conventional understandings

  • question the subject matter from you own intellectual perspective while being challenged to question the material from a differing vantage point
  • observe and reflect on essential communication skills demonstrated by the moderator and upheld by the speakers to better understand the benefits of civil discourse
  • connect with fellow students from different backgrounds, campuses, and fields of study to solve problems of shared concern